About Us

The total membership for 2014 stands at 18 436, we have 17 Presbyteries throughout South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We are spread throughout these countries in rural, semi-rural and urban areas. Members participate in just every aspect of everyday life. Form part of the very rhythm of everyday activities whether in the centre of Cape Town, slums of Mthatha, pain of Marikana and the deaths during circumcision in Mpumalanga or Eastern Cape. The task is not to take these rhythms to God in prayer only but also to respond in a way that brings hope to those that are afflicted.

Every year we renew our vows and rededicate ourselves to the service of God and humankind. We reflect on our very identity as women, created, called and equipped to be God’s instruments of love and peace in the world. As women we always try to live out or rather act out what we believe God is calling us to be and to do.

In God’s name our mandate is to involve ourselves intentionally in acts of creative love, in our communities. We are a people of God working and truly involved across all boundaries. We continue, through sometimes very humble acts of service to claim our rightful place in church and society. We urge everyone’s involvement, commitment and co-operation. Our branches, at grassroot level do most of the work through their congregations and Sessions. Congregations negotiate and create space for women to showcase their God given talents. We encourage women to celebrate who they are so that they can be excited about the important ministry God is inviting them to, as God’s partners in shaping and re-shaping the world. For members of the UPWF there are no NO GO areas. We view every situation and everyone as a miracle in waiting. We encourage every member to be part of God’s miracle in our world. 

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