UPWF Ministries

Social Responsibility Coordinator (SRC)  and Prayer Coordinator focuses on programmes and projects aimed at providing effective care and support interventions that will improve the quality of life of the UPWF members as well as the community.  Evangelism in action, we do not only pray for the needy but provide physical assistance in accordance to their needs, using  programmes such as:

  • Poverty alleviation projects and programmes
  • Health  promoting and disease management programmes
  • Disaster  and tragedy relief projects
  • Outreach  programmes
  • The adopt an orphan/family projects
  • Awareness and Prevention programmes
  • Leadership Development through  capacity building programmes 
  • Spiritual Upliftment it is at the chore of all our programmes and meetings. All our conferences include an agenda item that talks to our spirituality like starting the day with intercessory prayers, invitation of speakers as well as ministers of the word working together with the Prayer Coordinator on this subject.


UPWF also has different funding projects in place as a way of reaching out to those in need both in the church and in the community .These are :


This is the fund benefiting all those who wish to study on the field of Medicine such as doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists etc. This bursary offers a sum of R3500 per candidate per year and funds are payable direct to the institution where a student has enrolled  not to the applicant himself or herself. The academic performance of candidate determines if he still qualifies for a fund or not.


This fund was initially benefiting ministers wives who wish to study at various fields but later it was opened to everyone. This bursary offers a sum of R1000 per candidate per year and funds are paid  to the institution where a candidate has enrolled not direct to the candidate.


This bursary is considered for students who belong to the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa and who live in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. An applicant should be a communicant member of the church and the income of his /her household should be less than R2000.00.Funds are payable direct to the university where an applicant has enrolled.


This gift is transferred to the bank accounts of retired ministers, spouses and widows of late ministers during the Christmas period, as token of our appreciation in honour of their service.

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