“CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER”. (Matthew 15: 21 – 28)

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We give thanks to the Lord for being with us all the time, throughout our journey with him and with one another.

Once again it is that time of the year when we rededicate ourselves to Christ, recommitting ourselves to what God wants done to make a difference in our homes, communities and throughout the world.

I am intrigued by the stories of the anonymous women in the bible who crossed all boundaries to engage Jesus in conversations that matter as is the case also with the woman with a flow of blood (Mark 5:25), the bent over woman (Luke 13:11), the forgiven woman (Luke 7:48) and the Samaritan woman (John 4).


"Don't allow the world to dictate who they think you should be"

GcobisaArise Praise and Pray continuously.......

Women of prayer I greet you all in the name of Jesus.

I love mountains. I love how the journey to the top of the mountain heaves with lessons.  They say life is a journey filled with trials and tribulations. It's normal to have ups and downs in life and that's how Christian soldiers graduate from the University of Life. 


"I yearn for what Humanity can give and what they cannot"

michelleDear Women’s Fellowship,

 The world can give me cute cupcake designs and decoration  tips, tea parties, policy writing skills, casserole recipes and other ways to pass the time in the first world

Reality is, Jesus is coming, so let’s all look busy. Like Martha did in ancient times. Truthfully, with respect and love, I just want to be honest? If I wanted to learn how to decorate cupcakes, I would take a class on that. If I wanted to be educated on strategies for leadership, administration, policy creation, I would just, register in higher learning institution for a leadership course.


Serving with Pride

ZolekaGreetings to all mothers in the mighty name of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, AMEN!!!

As members of this fellowship we need to always remember that GOD wants us to serve HIM and HIM alone.

I believe that GOD wants us, the leadership, to serve HIM with PRIDE, at all levels and as general Fellowship members.


GP's Remarks

Zethux-Here we are again with another development, the first edition of our magazine. The magazine will offer women a chance to show case their successes, their achievements, their struggles and also solutions to complex problems.

In this edition we concentrated on what happened at the GENEX level but the following editions will concentrate more on what is happening at the Presbyterial and branch level.


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