UPWF focus in the next 3 Years

graceThe UPWF has been business like in the past 3 years, and the main focus was the state of the Presbyteries after the breakaway of the aggrieved group, the reaction of congregations and sessions under the circumstance and the impact thereof to the UPWF. 

The focus shifted to compilation of policies. 


What we neglected as mothers was to take a pause and reflect on what we have drafted and approved and the realisation of these goals and objectives.This meant slow to none implementation of these wonderful and direction giving policies.

GENEX under the leadership of Ms Zethu Xapile has under taken the task of ensuring that the compiled policies are alive through implementation as guided by the Strategic Plan and 2012 AGM resolutions. The focus will be on three priority goals in the next three years, namely, Policy Implementation, Spiritual upliftment and leadership development


SRC is one example of implementation of the miracle mentioned by our president during her inaugural speech. SRC will form income generating projects in presbyteries, branches and sub branches.  Fact: there are people who cannot be employed formally but can be employed through informal processes e.g. Entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation projects. That is where cooperatives come in to play and our SRC coordinators have already been trained in this regard.

All that is left to do is to implement, implement and implement.


The UPWF had deviated from the integral goal of their faith and that which is at the core of any women’s association within the church i.e. Spiritual upliftment. This left members wanting.

On this note I just want to take us back to the role played by the ancient women in the bible, According to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus appeared to women first after his resurrection from the dead. Going back to his death, women were beside the cross and with Jesus until the final moment. They were the first to receive the good news and are the ones who spread the word of resurrection.  

How did the UPWF come to this point?  I guess that is no longer an important point to consider at this stage but to say Ebenezer, we have found ourselves again!!!   GENEX have found the compass therefore direction that comes with it.  We thank this GENEX for   blessing us with a gift of resuscitating this Integral portion of our faith. They heeded a call from UPWF members who often complained about spiritual thirst, even after big events like UPWF AGM’s and conferences.  They complained that they came back from these big events in the UPWF calendar thirstier than before.  This priority goal will be at the core of all plans and we hope it will commence the process of healing for all UPWF members and may result in true reconciliation within the denomination.

We have witnessed the power of prayer during the successful SRC and Prayer Coordinator’s retreat. We arose, prayed, worshiped and praised continually.  The thirst was averted and we hope this will spread to the Presbyteries and branches of the UPWF in the next three years.  Let’s watch the space.


Presbyterial SR and PC coordinators were capacitated about the extent of their mandate and the importance of working as a team. Learning outcomes included how to write effective PC and SRC reports, their role in the church and society at large, file management and translating policies to effective programmes, monitoring and evaluation of these programmes and reporting.  These are but a few things planned under this portfolio. The next question is WHAT NEXT… Keep guessing. 

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