Serving with Pride

ZolekaGreetings to all mothers in the mighty name of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, AMEN!!!

As members of this fellowship we need to always remember that GOD wants us to serve HIM and HIM alone.

I believe that GOD wants us, the leadership, to serve HIM with PRIDE, at all levels and as general Fellowship members.

As UPWF members we need to consider everyone we work with, treat everyone with respect and involve people as much as possible. As leadership we need to work in partnership with the entire Fellowship.

We all need to be responsible. We must always strive to deliver to the best of our abilities. Striving for our best does not guarantee perfection but says we are trying to give the best we can.

As UPWF members we need to approach our work with openness and

Honesty. We need to work with integrity.

Mothers, we need to be dedicated in all that we do. We need to always seek ways to improve our performance at all times and at all levels.

We need to do our best to enjoy working for our MASTER and make it fulfilling for us all.

Mothers, our calling is more important than our fears and mistakes. We must learn from our mistakes. We must use criticism as a mirror to reflect. Those who do nothing don`t make any mistakes. Mothers, the willingness to serve is a big step for learning and it will result in the skill to serve.  

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