"Don't allow the world to dictate who they think you should be"

GcobisaArise Praise and Pray continuously.......

Women of prayer I greet you all in the name of Jesus.

I love mountains. I love how the journey to the top of the mountain heaves with lessons.  They say life is a journey filled with trials and tribulations. It's normal to have ups and downs in life and that's how Christian soldiers graduate from the University of Life. 

We're indeed God's servants 24/7 and we need to remind ourselves about that.  We don't have time to complain about how other people treat, look and demoralise us. It's Christly to have passives that always have red pens and note books in our lives. We must ignore them and spread the word of God, uplift each other and let’s adjust our mind set and focus on being nation builders ...I’m talking about community developers bridge builders.  Let’s close the gaps that the devil is building in our families.

This takes me to my childhood days when my mother used to say "Don't allow the world to dictate to you who they think you should be. If you have an idea in your community or church mind map about it and surround yourself with influential community developers.  Join us let’s improve the quality of people's lives through unity, prayer and love.  Be a mother of one who became a mother to hundreds.

 We've seen how Tat'uMandela's sickness has united the nation in prayer. Let’s be living legends like him and change a person's life. Let’s not patch holes but go back to basics and fill ourselves with equilibrium of charisma, grace and intelligence. When we wear our uniforms let’s focus on being fishers of man. When we pray let’s ask the Lord to strengthen our faith and give us patience and diligence.

 Bear in mind that God can use life's reverses to move us forward spiritually. Daily I ask the Lord to help me to be faithful in discharging my stewardship.

Till next time stay blessed. 

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